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This class will be presented by both Dr Chikly and Alaya Chikly.

Initially Dr Chikly will demonstrate and teach how to reset the three reoccuring perinatal reflexes that have been triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will help to deeply rebalance people as they deal with fear, uncertainty, despair and/or loss. Everyone needs a boost, and here are some valuable keys to support your family and clients to maintain balance through these times.

The techniques offer very beneficial effects for people who are fearful and may have retracted emotionally or feel frozen, as well as for those that feel untouched by COVID yet may feel resentful or disturbed towards this situation.


Whatever experience COVID-19 is bringing, it may have a conscious or unconscious effect on the well-being of us all. You will appreciate these easy to apply techniques for your clients and those you care about.

Following, Alaya will demonstrate and teach how to clear the COVID fear barrier that has locked many people into a field of despair, fear or separation. It is a very interesting approach.

She will also help identify and discern the unconscious collective COVID-19 field so we can unplug and transform the thoughts that keep us unknowingly connected. With awareness, we can clear our mental body and deeply realign ourselves as we support the human transformation of fear to Love.


Price: $150

Repeat: $75


Chikly Health Institute

Bruno Chikly’s work and teachings are amazing and powerful. After spending thousands of dollars on mainstream tutoring and therapies such as reflex integration my daughter made minimal progress. However after 3 sessions with Bruno my daughter made dramatic improvement in areas of reading, writing, attention, motor planning, and executive function skills. I was able to use his teachings for my clients as well and saw significant progress.

Zelda T., M.S. CCC-SLP, LMT
Chikly Health Institute

I work as the director and owner of A Plus Center for around 10 years already.  A Plus Center offers full time and part time programs for kids with autism, where we assimilate every possible modality that was proven to help kids with autism.  Our program includes things as, ABA, Sonrise, Rhythmic movements, reflex integration, craniosacral therapy, NM, Brainwork, diet, etc. etc..... I have been doing reflex integration and rhythmic movements for years, and I have seen reflexes integrate from a time frame of 3 month to a year, years, or never.  With doing it through Brain or cranial, I have seen it integrate in 10 min.  

Y. W., BCBA, LBA, MS Education, BA Nutrition Science, Craniosacral Therapy, Brain, NM, Lymphatic Drainage, RMT Provider, Reflex integration, AIT, Mercier Therapy
Fred talks about the new BR-COVID
Neonatal Reflexes and the COVID Pandemic (BR-COVID) - Online Class by Alaya and Bruno Chikly