Student Discount

Student and Other Discounts for LDT classesFull-Time students currently enrolled in a hands-on program that will culminate in a license/certification in bodywork are eligible to receive a special discount on entry-level courses. This discount is approximately 50% off the regular price.
To qualify, you must register with a $175 before you graduate. The balance is due 30 days before your course begins. We also must receive proof of your enrollment in a full-time program. Please have your school send to us a letter stating that you are enrolled, the total number of hours of the program you are attending and your expected graduation date. The letter must be on the school’s letterhead and can be mailed to the Chikly Health Institute.


Student Discount Eligible Course: LDT1

Discounts: $425 for students in full time hands on program (no additional discounts)


Other LDT1 Discounts

  • Discounts: $200* off if first time participant in a CHI class and paid at least 45 days in advance of class
  • Discounts: $200 if using a CHI-Pak
  • Discounts: $125* additional discount if attended and paid for LDT0 – Intro class
  • Discounts: $425* repeat price

* City Surcharges and or taxes may apply.