Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) Course Descriptions

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) Course DescriptionsThere are 4 levels of HCT:

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT): Assume Only Love

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a profound experience that teaches dialoguing techniques that are guided by the wisdom of the heart. The heart naturally knows how to heal our consciousness and dissolve beliefs that may have held us in pain, confusion and/or separation.
HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma. It is a straightforward approach that respectfully reveals the core of an issue and offers gentle yet profound resolution.
HCT is an experience that restores hope and vision. The depths of the work cannot be met until the heart is awakened. Please join us on this sacred journey.

The Heart Centered Therapy Experience

HCT Therapy addresses the direct physical affects of unresolved emotions, but also accesses the original trauma where negative decisions and beliefs were formulated. As we are held in safety, love and compassion of the heart, we are free to discover who we truly are.

Masterful dialogue techniques include step-by-step guidelines that identify and transform: the emotional component of disease and discomfort in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have perpetuate dysfunction within the immediate family and family lineage.
In this process we also learn to internally listen to the sound and frequencies that framed/sustained our family dynamics. As we recognize dissonant sounds in the homes where we were raised, we can see what we may have given up parts of ourselves in order to stay resonant as part of our families. This sacrifice enabled us to be one with our mothers and fathers and to be a part of the whole, however, we may have dissociated and given up our voice, confidence, ability to love, trust, connection, etc.. Recognizing this, we come to understand that our parents “also” gave up a part of themselves to be one with their mother and father.We can then step into a deeper understanding and compassion for ourselves and family.When we come to a place of loving and compassionate dialogue, healing deepens.
We are an intrinsic part of the family consciousness. The healing of the whole is interrelated to our personal healing.
In awareness, we can reclaim that which we gave up. In so doing we can support everyone in our families to follow this lead, as no one is excluded in the healing. It gives families tools to heal relationships, communication and deepen intimacy in order to heal, love and be loved again.
This Course is offered to both professionals and lay people.



Alaya Chikly gives an Overview of Heart Centered Therapy