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Heart Centered Therapy 2 (HCT2): Soul Ignition


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Fusion-Ignition, The Integration of Soul Into the Body at Birth

We have found that at birth, there is a critical biological connection that is meant to happen with the first breath. Unhindered, this critical ignition can positively affect brain functions, vitality, and our inherent enthusiasm about being alive. However, incongruity between body and spiritual consciousness, fear of incarnation, anesthesia, C-section, and / or ancestral SEviruses can obscure or prevent this monumental moment of ignition to occur. We reinstate this vitally important connection, the ignition of birth.

The Bond of the Parents, and the Bond of the Mother to the Child

The union, the love and awareness of mother and father holds the moment of the fusion and ignition of the sperm and the egg. This is another imperative and powerful moment of life.

The bond of the mother to her child can be profoundly affected by the mother's Love, or lack of Love for the father. If the mother does not truly want to be with the father then the mother may unconsciously be unable to fully receive and accept her child, his seed. We will address this union of mother-father, and mother-child so that the child can emerge into and feel this deep sense of union and belonging. The child can then find his/her rightful place in the family, which can support feeling his/her rightful place in life.

Healing the Wounds of the Soul (Soul Fragmentation and Retrieval)

We will learn to identify and heal Soul fragmentation. We will work with any aspect of the Soul that has remained unable to incarnate or reintegrate because of unresolved spiritual-emotional traumas. The wounded Soul is often holding the power and the spiritual gifts necessary to fulfill life's purpose. We will invite this part back, and regain integrity and unification. Discerning and using the "breath of the Soul" will advance this work.

Sacred Mirror

We will work with the "Sacred Mirror of Life" to reveal remaining unrecognized patterns and disassociated parts of ourselves that may have never been recognized, and accepted. We will use our own projections of others to facilitate this work. Our disowned parts may not only hold our power and gifts, but our deepest core wounds as well.
This is an opportunity to reach into our depths, overcome our denial and shame and come into full acceptance. We can then reintegrate our Soul and body consciousness with Love.
This is very deep work that can strengthen our presence in the world. As we incarnate more profoundly into life, we can naturally disengage from false identification, and come closer to knowing and expressing who we truly are.
Upon awakening to and claiming our rightful place in life, the obstacles, fears, or SEviruses that may have held us back in life may raise up. The four days will give us tools to reinstate higher biological, emotional and spiritual states of being that can give us the strength, and the empowerment to become who We truly are.


Class length 4 days


"HCT2 offers an opportunity for amazing gifts.  Mine came in the form of a spiritual and higher consciousness experience that occurred near the end of my treatment on day three. 

The sense of wonder and awe I felt at that moment was sacred – what I would describe as a union with the divine.  I gained a profound and deeper sense of self and overall felt more whole.  The heightened awareness I felt towards people around me was both touching and holy. 

Since the class my perceptions have been shifting and changing.  At times my sense of self is less defined or separate from everything that exists and yet I feel a sense of freedom that I never had before.  I literally feel like I have been reborn."

Carol Patnode, MA in Psychology, PT Assistant, PTA Program Director

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