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Brain Advanced Cranial Meninges (BACM)


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 Meninges work is precise, profound and often create some of the most rapid changes in the tissue. Dr. Chikly works on meninges on most clients.
• In this advanced class, dural Meninges will be released from the cranium, face to the spinal cord. These Meninges include the dural girdles, orbital fossa, asterion and pterion, foramen magnum, opisthion, superior temporal lines, temporal ridges, etc.
• Releasing cranial Meninges will often help re-adjusting the neck, thoracic cavity, pelvic bowl and often hep release tensions in the whole
• In this class, we will also explore numerous rhythms such as brain motilities for creativity, memory, etc.
• We will also compare specific layers of the skin and cortical layers of the brain.

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