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I want to personally thank you for your directorship of the recent Brain, Parenchyma, Nuclei and Fluid Course. This is great material…and a fantastic course. The application of osteopathic principles to the functional anatomy of the brain provides an incredibly important contribution to our profession. I personally learned a tremendous amount. The complexity and relevance of this course will challenge me to continually apply this material in my daily practice. Your contribution to The cranial Academy curriculum is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continued collaboration. We are grateful for your insights and abilities. A Heartfelt thanks

Mark Rosen, DO, 2007-2009 President of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy (USA)
Chikly Health Institute

Dearest Bruno,
I just wanted to write and tell you again that your class in Phoenix was outstanding, and I got even more this time than last year.
As the Academy is growing, mostly through its commitment to great course offerings, to me, you represent among the best educators we have. Your courses are outstanding, fun and informative, and provide a relevance as well as freshness most other courses do not.
I hope we can continue a mutually good and working relationship between the Academy and you in the future. We all have much to learn from you.

Mel Friedmann, DO, 2010-2012 President of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy (USA)
Chikly Health Institute

I just attended a CME program that I consider to be one of the top few educational experiences of my 30 years as an osteopathic physician. This program "Brain, Parenchyma, Nuclei and Fluid" taught by Bruno Chikly, MD, DO was offered by the Cranial Academy and your [AZCOM] OMM Department.

Perci K., NCBTMB Board Certified, Certification from the Board of Nursing in Virginia

"It is an honor and a privilege to be a student with Bruno and Alaya Chikly and the Chikly Health Institute.
As a veteran therapist (37 years) and a continuing ed course junkie, I can say with total conviction that CHI is by far the best; the best teachers, cutting edge material, and the most enjoyable experiences."

Perci K., NCBTMB Board Certified, Certification from the Board of Nursing in Virginia

"I was in the class Dr Chikly just taught in Phoenix (Brain, Cranial Rhythm & Bone Marrow - BCRB) and I just have to say he is a genius! I can't even believe what I am finding and changing in patients. I can't even put it into words. It's just crazy!! So, thank you!"

Chikly Health Institute

"I have lived more than half of my life with scoliosis and constant discomfort. After over a decade of chiropractic, physical therapy, and many other forms of relief I met Bruno Chikly. With only three sessions, Bruno was able to take away the pain in my back and straighten my spine in ways I never thought possible. I can actually feel the bones in my spine, like a normal back, whereas before I was not able to at all. Before the work that Bruno did on my back I was seeing a chiropractor about twice a week. Now, I have not seen one in over a month and I have never felt better."

Jojo C, AZ, 20 years old.
Chikly Health Institute

I’m truly grateful for Bruno's kind eye and heart.   It is HIS gifts of understanding human depths and truths and HIS journeys into the complexities of life and HIS brilliance to then illuminate it and make it simple enough for anyone to understand.  I’m eternally grateful for being his student, and my clients who have found help and resolution are eternally grateful as well.

Ilanith Reuven, CST-C
Chikly Health Institute

Brain work / FAR / NERL: I used all these techniques on my friend post stroke. He tripped on his cat and hit the right side of his neck on the sink in his bathroom. Collapsed an artery on the right side. I went up to visit him Memorial Day weekend. His right pupil (eye) was 2x the size of the left, he had foot drop on the left side and could not lift his arms above his head. I didn't want to do too much. Post treatment - He had no foot drop, pupils were the same size, better ROM in shoulders/arms, coloring was back to pink and healthy looking. He was actually skipping up and down the stairs afterword.

He is only 55, I think that had something to do with it as well. This was not temporary. He is still doing a lot better! Thank you for etching us to help others.

Jane Babcock, LMT
Chikly Health Institute
I was a student of yours last June attending the B1 class and wanted to give you feedback.
When I came back to my office, I integrated the B1 material into my regular massage routine—just a couple of minutes of brain work, which usually was some CST work.
I didn't mention to my clients what I was doing. Nearly all my clients recognized a difference in what I was doing. They experienced more profound relaxation, visuals, and emotions coming up. So in short everybody loves it.
I also am treating a client who has had daily migraines since a head and brain trauma in 2016. Since applying B1, she has now had phases of 2 weeks without migraines, dropping her strong medications.
Another client, she has been having migraines since age 8, stemming probably from birth trauma, had after her 1st visit, doing 20min brain work, a 1-week phase without any headaches.

This is all awesome. I plan to come back this June to repeat B1, this time paying more attention because this stuff works.

Alex Z, LMT.
Chikly Health Institute

I love all of Bruno Chikly’s courses. I combine all the techniques he teaches with all the other techniques I’ve learned through other curriculums and his techniques really take my skills to a deeper level. My clients definitely benefit.  

Theresa Medellin, RN, LMT, CST-T