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DVD: A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion & Mind (DMU)
DVD: A Miniature Universe: Matter, Motion & Mind (DMU)

This astonishing DVD shows, with great clarity the workings of living tissue samples in full color and motion. It gives the opportunity to explore "the inner life of life."

You will discover movement of mitochondria, the wobbling of red corpuscles, changes inside the nucleus, the making of genetic material, DNA releasing proteins. You'll have a hard time finding words to describe it.
Discover the inner life of life through dozens of unique video clips of living cells in full color and motion. This DVD takes a deeper look at the motion and beauty of life as made possible by the technological advancements of the real-time microscope.

It was produced with a revolutionary half a million dollar microscope which presents living cells at 12,000-15,000 times their actual size. This will reveal inner tissue rhythms and beauty.

The DVD is divided into six main parts covering plants, animals, humans, and pathologies.

A great educational tool for all ages.

Human Fibroblast: Nucleus Activity

Animals: Mitochondria & Hear Cells


Cell Movement Real Time

Pathology - Malaria